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CEO Ugly Bride Complete Chapter Links

The CEO’s Ugly Bride novel brings us the story of a girl who is going to sacrifice her whole life for her family. In terms of warmth and emotional support, the family has not given much. She lives with her step-siblings with her biological mother.

Here one unique feature of this family is that the mother here loves her step-children more than her only biological daughter. This is deeply felt by the girl, who is the female protagonist in this story. As a result of this indifference, she is not much attached to them.

One day, her mother will come to her, begging her to marry a phantom man in the city. This man is said to be the ugliest and crippled.

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CEO Ugly Bride Read Online

CEO’s Ugly Bride novel tells us that the constant request from the mother is coming because she wants to save her step-daughter in this case.

The step-sister of the female protagonist was engaged in this ugly man. Later, she could not handle the psychological pressure and backed out from the engagement. The situation of the family in terms of power and prestige does not permit it to do so.

They have agreed to give the daughter to the man, now they have no chance of backing out. If they opt for this they might have to pay a price that is beyond their imagination. Thus the only way to save the family is to arrange a girl.

For them, this girl is the one. On their first meet, her husband calls her ugly.

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  17. What’s the purpose of only releasing a few chapters every day? I’m waiting for chapters 301- the end The CEO’s Ugly Bride

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