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The Warmest Romance Complete Chapter Links

This online novel brings you a story that is not trite, to say the least. This is not the peculiar fall in love at first sight type of story. This tale is about a girl who is fed up with her love life. She has been in love but the outcomes in the future do not seem promising.

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Thus she meets a man who is well off in terms of material wealth but deprived of the emotions that constitute love and other human feelings of intimacy. Pushed by her mother who is desperate for her to settle in life, she gives it a try.

The female lead of the story meets the man and the story progresses.

The Warmest Romance Read Online

Pestered by mother and exasperated from her long love affair with a man who did not work the girl sets on a blind date.

She goes to meet the man, who could be her future partner. She gasps for air when the man comes to sit with her. He is the CEO of a rich company. This is the man who all the girls in town dream to meet.

Yet fate brings her face to face with him where she could set the stage up for her subsequent meetings. Since this all unfolds unexpectedly, she is all nervous and it is hard for her to deal with it.

What will happen next? Will she be able to write a beautiful story for herself from here onward? The CEO is the most aloof man on the face of the earth, how will it all work out? Find out all by reading the novel.

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